Bell 115 LLC Apartments

Bell 115 LLC 
Marc Burns and attended the Surprise City Planning meeting concerning the zoning approval for the 82 luxury apartments that are planned to be built in the lots between Coyote Lakes Parkway and 115th Ave.
This proposal was approved.
There were several steps required to get to here:
  • A proposal was presented at an open meeting, which required to change the land classification from commercial to townhouse use.  
  • The board approved to send it to the residents.
  • The residents approved the change.
Bell 115 LLC submitted the concept to the Planning Commission.  It was approved.
The City Council will meet in October to approve or deny the change.
If the concept is approved by the City Council, the design details will be defined and approved by the individual departments within the city: i.e., Water, Sewer, Electrical, Fire, etc.) and then development will start.
So, the actual development will not be starting soon.